Hyopsung Surveyors & Adjusters Corp email addresses change announcement

We are writing to inform you that we have changed our website and email domain from “hyopsung.co.kr” to “hssna.co.kr“.

The change is part of our initiative to strengthen our cyber security and provide improved services to our clients.

Starting from the 12th of April 2018, please contact us using our new email addresses listed below. Our old email accounts were closed as of 18th May, 2018.


Website Current address
Office e-mail address
Seoul seoul@hssna.co.kr
Busan busan@hssna.co.kr
Incheon incheon@hssna.co.kr
Pyeongtaek / Dangjin pyeongtaek@hssna.co.kr
Pohang pohang@hssna.co.kr
Ulsan ulsan@hssna.co.kr
Gwangyang / Yeosu gwangyang@hssna.co.kr


Changing our website address and email addresses will inevitably cause a considerable amount of inconvenience.

For this, we ask for your kind understanding and we would be grateful if you could update your records to reflect the changes.



Thank you for your kind support.


Best regards,

K. B. Song

CEO, Hyopsung Surveyors & Adjusters Corporation

Seoul, Korea.

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